Business Portfolio

Gazallion developed and maintains a work-order tracking system for a management company in Atlanta, GA.   The system is used to help the company respond effectively to customer issues and accurately invoice them for the services provided.

The system was built with ColdFusion using a SQL Server database for back-end storage and complete online availability. Modules for invoicing, photo management, parts tracking, equipment management, and reporting via Crystal Reports are all part of the system.   As the company grew, so did its needs. Paperwork became a burden for technicians working in the field.   Completing work-orders onsite and then having to submit the information into the online system was time consuming and wasteful.   Gazallion streamlined this process by developing an offline application in C#. This application allows the technicians to enter work orders in the field and then automatically synchronize them with the central system when an Internet connection is available.

Gazallion continues work with this management company to date and is proud to help them achieve their business goals.

Gazallion also installed and maintains an email and web server for a mortgage company in Atlanta, GA.  From server setup to the configuration of email clients and spam filters, Gazallion tailored the solution to the companies specific needs.  Gazallion also configured a backup email server along with an online backup system that automatically stores company data in a geographically different and secure data center.  In the event of a disaster, the company can rest assured that its data and email communication channel will remain intact.